First baby, third baby, new grand baby on the way? I am so glad you are here! My newborn sessions take place in your comfort zone, in your home. This sets us up for a relaxed, peaceful atmosphere where we focus on baby snuggles, sweet moments and all the beautiful imperfect moments of life with your new baby. Most sessions take place within the first two weeks but the perfect time is when everyone feels ready! These sessions usually last about an hour, depending on whether we need to pause for eating/diaper changes (we go at baby's pace). Most newborn sessions are scheduled during the time of day when the natural light is best in your master bedroom, nursery and living room. 


Don't sweat the small things, you don't need the perfect pillows or a finished nursery. All I need for a beautiful a newborn shoot is a bed & a window. With the dreamy natural light, I'll turn off any overhead lights because they cast an orange glow, so keep an eye on when the light pours into your space! So make sure you also turn those lights off when watching for that natural light. 


Is there a big brother or sister anxious to meet their new sibling? For sessions with older kiddos and newborns, it can seem impossible to make these special sibling moments happen, but I promise with patience, we will get them! Try to make sure older children have full bellies by the time I arrive. If older kiddos are acting extra wild and excited, don’t stress! It may take some time but when they finally make their way over to baby, we usually get approximately 6 seconds of interaction and it's worth every second! But don’t worry, I never take my finger off the shutter, I'm a fast shooter!

And YES, dog siblings are always welcome! 

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