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Born and raised in the city, and now planting roots in the country with my redhead college sweetheart, two daughters and crazy boxer pup. I fill my days with iced coffees, sourdough bread making, arts & crafts with my littles, backyard bbq's, and family time on the lake. 


After officially launching this photography business in 2011, I have been capturing fun and adventurous families in both Seattle and Idaho for the past ten years. From building a 5 figure wedding photography business in my early twenties, to photographing the freshest new babies in the hospital room, I have recently re-focused my business's identity and direction. My true passion in this work is with families and family-owned businesses and now my sole focus is just that! My job is to make sure from booking your session, to looking your best and finding your perfect location, things are simple and painless so your photos capture you and your crew effortlessly. 

Peak around my site and see past sessions, learn about my photography style and what to expect during your session. 



There's nothing more beautiful than the faces of people in love, families laughing together, and the tiniest toes of a new babe, and I want to spend all of my days capturing just that.

I know getting in front of the camera can feel overwhelming! I hire a photographer for my little family every year as well, and I run around stressing out over all of our outfits and thinking up what treats to bring just like you!


Between brand shoots and photographing tons of families each year, I have learned to keep shoots short and sweet, playful and fun! I want you to come away from our time together with great memories, not just great photographs. I will play games with your kids, make you snuggle your husband or wife and ensure you all look good doing it. If this sounds like your cup of tea, shoot me a message through my contact form! 

I live for the candid moments - the piggy back rides, belly laughs and winks. I can't tell you how many times at the end of a session I've heard a parent say "I hope we got a good one" and without fail, I blow them away with the amount of personality and light that I captured in their children or even in themselves. I cannot wait to get to know your wonderful family, follow along with me on social media to get to know a little more about me!

My favorite photos are in Black & White!
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