hey, it's ella!


I’m Ella. I’m a lifelong pnw’er from Seattle, now living in Boise, Idaho. People say I’m goofy, easily distracted, a total blonde and someone who loves making new friends. Three years ago I married my complete opposite, a laid-back Texas boy with the best red hair who’s all about sports and man things. When we’re not shooting weddings together, we LOVE to see new films and explore cities. Some of my favorite things in the world are rewatching Friends, pop music, no socks, watching the sun rise and set, and anything with our pup Lola.

I am forever inspired by the way the wind sweeps through a bride’s hair as she laughs without a care in the world and a groom who’s completely unaware of the pouring rain around him because he’s amazed by the beauty of his new bride.